Tea Cake and Parenting

Tea Cake and Parenting is here to support you! Parenting is hard, it’s full of people telling you should be doing this, and have you tried that? You can simultaneously feel overwhelmed with attention and yet still utterly lonely. Finding your village, your support network or just some like minded people going through the same things at the same time can make the biggest difference.

We aim to help you find your village while also providing support for parents looking to make more environmentally friendly choices.

Interested in trying cloth nappies but not sure where to start? Why not hire a bucket? Available as either a 1 month trial set or a 4 month new born hire.

We also offer advice for using cloth nappies and wipes

Avoid the waste of disposable plates and cups at a party by hiring our party box for only £5!

Bespoke classes available to book privately or with a group of friends.