Tea Cake and Parenting

Tea Cake and Parenting is here to support you! Parenting is hard, it’s full of people telling you should be doing this, and have you tried that? You can simultaneously feel overwhelmed with attention and yet still utterly lonely. Finding your village, your support network or just some like minded people going through the same things at the same time can make the biggest difference.

We run 2 types of sessions to help, social mornings and topic mornings.

Social Mornings - for Tea, Cake and Parenting Chat!

Come with your worries and concerns, or just to chat to some other adults and enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake! These informal sessions run fortnightly and are in our homes so you can relax and not worry if baby needs to feed, sleep, have a giant poo or just roll around throwing toys everywhere! We know our children do all those things and worse!

Cost is £5 per family. Sessions run alternate Fridays 10am-11.30am (see events page for more!). No need to book just drop in on the day.

Topic Mornings - Focused Workshops concentrating on Key Parenting Topics.

Slightly more formal sessions where we delve into a topic in detail as a group, looking at the evidence and different strategies. With all things parenting knowledge is power - there is rarely a right or wrong - just different ways of doing things and it’s all about finding the ones that do work for you and your family! They’ll be guest speakers as the topic demands and plenty of information on how to find out more and get more in depth support if needed.

Cost is £20, sessions will run with demand on Fridays 10am-11.30, book in advance. Dates coming soon!