About us

Tea, Cake and Parenting

Parenting is hard. Tea, Cake and Parenting is the joint brainchild of Madeleine and Cat, aiming to support local parents with social meet ups, dedicated topic mornings and lots of tea and cake!


Madeleine is a Trageschule and Slingababy trained Babywearing Consultant and runs Sheen Slings Sling Library and Consultancy, where she supports parents learning to use and finding the right baby carrier for them.

Madeleine is mum to Tom (aged 6) and Rachel (aged 3). Prior to Tom’s birth, she’d never even held a baby, much less changed a nappy! She was the first in her family and friendship group to have a baby, and found going to social groups an absolute life and sanity saver in terms of learning what to expect and getting ideas at each new stage as her son grew!

Prior to parenthood, Madeleine was a research scientist looking at the role of the immune system and inflammation in chronic kidney disease. She has a PhD in Immunology and a masters in Infection and Immunity. Her scientific background gives her an evidence based approach to parenthood.


Cat is a LSSM trained sports massage and soft tissue therapist with advanced training in pregnancy and post-natal massage. Cat treats a wide range of clients - mums, dads, office workers and athletes. She applies a variety of massage and stretching techniques in her sessions so help target and alleviate symptoms of postural discomfort, aches and pains, repetitive strain injuries and a wide range of minor soft tissue injuries.

Cat is also a fully trained baby massage and baby yoga instructor, running classes in East Sheen. Her classes aim to support children’s physical, emotional and psychological development through touch, movement and sensory play - and lots of singing!

Cat is mum to Emma (6) and William (2), an enthusiastic rower and an ex-teacher. Her ‘mummy career’ brings together her interests in sport and physiology and child development, while allowing her to work from home in a flexible way. At least that’s the plan!